Insider Series Webinar

An Exploration of Facial Action Coding: The Wild Animal Experiment
presented by Jerry W. Thomas, Decision Analyst and A.T. Grant, Ph.D., Applied NeuroKnowledge

Does Facial Action Coding (FAC) provide relevant and insightful quantitative measurement of immediate emotional responses? Decision Analyst partnered with Consumer Neuroscientist A.T. Grant, Ph.D., to conduct a survey-based experiment. The study used FAC to measure consumer emotional responses to 35 photos of wild animals in a factorial design. We will discuss:

  • The origins of facial coding measurement.
  • The Wild Animal Experiment.
  • Description of methods
  • Principal findings
  • Applications of FAC for measurement of immediate neurological, emotional response.

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If you would like a pdf copy of the presentation please email Jerry W. Thomas, President/CEO of Decision Analyst at or  email A.T. Grant, Ph.D., Consumer Neuroscientist at Applied NeuroKnowledge, her email address is