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Constant Evolution Creates Constant Opportunities

Banking, Finance, and Insurance Marketing Research

Once staid and tradition-bound, the financial services sector now includes the fastest-evolving industries in the global economy.

Disruption, consolidation, and a complex, ever-shifting regulatory climate are the new normal. Innovation, once frowned upon, is now table stakes. Organizations left confused will find this environment fatal. Others will find it exciting and thrive. We help organizations in the banking, financial, and insurance industries view their market and customers through a real-time lens that distills order from chaos and opportunities from threats.


Our research unlocks insights for retail and wholesale banks and credit unions who face challenges such as how to best serve their customers across multiple virtual and in-person points of contact, all while non-traditional lenders such as private credit firms compete for their business.


From asset managers to fintech startups to payment processors, our research will sharpen your organization’s competitive edge and help you understand both competitors’ threats and clientele needs in an age of generative AI, digital payments, and rising demand for non-traditional and values-based investment assets.


Whether your firm is an insurance company, broker, underwriter, or insurtech firm, financial risk is your core expertise. Business risk may not be. We help you identify hazards and seize opportunities through research that shines a light on how you can optimize product offerings, enhance customer experiences, overcome workforce challenges, and increase profitability.

Services We Offer Financial Services Clients

Our team of research specialists can handle the most difficult marketing problems and research assignments, and they have the technical background to understand the complex issues facing these industries. Our services include:

Marketing Research Services

If you would like more information on conducting research in the Banking, Finance, and Insurance industries, please contact Julie Trujillo, Senior Vice President, Banking & Finance (, or Monisha Hatfield, Senior Vice President, Insurance (, or call 1-800-ANALYSIS (262-5974) or 1-817-640-6166.