The Power of Advertising

Advertising Research

Based on thousands of research studies in our archives, we believe in the power of advertising.

Advertising has the power to create awareness, the power to set the agenda, the power to suggest and influence, the power to convey new information, and the power to persuade. Advertising has short-term power (conveying new information, building awareness, enhancing credibility, etc.) and long-term power (conveying brand image, attaching emotional values to the brand, building positive reputation, etc.).

The companies that master the research processes to consistently develop and deploy great advertising will own the future.

Decision Analyst offers these advertising pretesting systems:

  • CopyOpt™ (Advertising Optimization) is Decision Analyst's proprietary advertising optimization system.
  • CopyScreen® is used evaluate embryonic advertising ideas and concepts in print-ad format.
  • CopyCheck® helps to evaluate and improve advertising concepts, early-stage print ads, TV storyboards, and radio scripts.
  • CopyTest® (Copy Testing) is a comprehensive, advertising pretesting system that predicts the effectiveness of semifinished to finished commercials and advertisements.
  • CopyTrack® (Advertising Tracking) is a system composed of standard modules for measuring an advertisement's awareness, message recall, trial, usage, brand image, etc., in real-world environments over a period of time.
  • Promotion Testing services at Decision Analyst inclused a suite of proprietary systems that help improve a promotions' effectiveness

Summary of Advertising Pretesting Systems

Qualitative Research For Advertising Research

Decision Analyst’s moderators use qualitative explorations as powerful stimuli to creative development and the improvement of advertising effectiveness. Qualitative research is especially valuable before the creative process begins, but it can be applied throughout the development process. Depth interviews are strongly recommended over focus groups—to minimize group biases and permit the use of projective techniques. Depth interviews also provide deep insights into both the verbal and visual aspects of communication.

Innovation Services For Advertising Research

Once basic consumer motivations are understood and some of the basic elements of strategy are defined, consumers can then be used to help in the advertising development process. However, not just any consumers will do. Highly creative individuals are the key. They can help create “starter” ideas for breakthrough advertising. Decision Analyst maintains a panel of over 2,000 highly creative people (called Imaginators®) who work in small groups, online or offline, to generate hundreds of advertising ideas for a brand. These starter ideas must be developed into final ads by agencies and should go through standard copy-testing procedures.

Advertising Testing Services

Decision Analyst is a leading global marketing research and analytical consulting firm and a recognized leader in advertising testing. Our staff has copy tested thousands of different commercials and ads for foods, beverages, restaurants, packaged goods, retailers, and other categories. Decision Analyst is a leader in the development of analytical techniques to enhance the learning from advertising research.

If you would like more information on Advertising Testing, please contact Jerry W. Thomas, Chief Executive Officer, by emailing him at, or by calling 1-800-ANALYSIS (262-5974) or 1-817-640-6166.