Insider Series Webinar

Big-Qual Overview (Focus On Large-Scale Qualitative)
presented by Clay Dethloff, and Bonnie Janzen

Large-Scale Qualitative or Big Qual Research combines consumers with technology, qualitative insights with analytical data and provides the results within days.

In this webinar we will present two case studies that use different Large-Scale Qualitative research techniques. Each project was conducted by Decision Analyst. In these case studies we will examine consumers' path-to-purchase preferences (online vs. in-person) for a couple of product categories. We will also showcase some of the insights and analysis that can be obtained from Large-Scale qualitative projects.

In this webinar we will discuss Large-Scale Qualitative...

  • Uses
  • Advantages
  • Processes
  • Tips
  • Best practices

Design Thinking Applications

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If you would like a pdf copy of the presentation please contact either Clay Dethloff, Senior Vice President Qualitative Research, he can be emailed at or Bonnie Janzen, Executive Vice President, she can be emailed at They both may be reached at 1-800-262-5974 or 1-817-640-6166.