Insider Series Webinar

Usability Research (Website, Apps, Products, Shopper Environment)
presented by Clay Dethloff, and Roger Wallace

This webinar will present an overall framework for applying key heuristics to all usability issues – we’ll show how these heuristics apply across app design, website design, product design, as well as the shopper environment. We’ll talk about the latest technology and techniques, and how applying usability heuristics to all the touch points consumers have with products and services help to create a positive experience.

Usability research is a critical aspect of the overall customer experience, it helps to improve and enhance the customer experience. The better the usability, the better the customer experience that shapes and drives the way we feel about the overall experience and the brands we choose. Importantly, understanding usability is not only about the actions you take, but how you feel, your motivations, attitudes, etc.

Usability Research Defination

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If you would like a pdf copy of the presentation please contact either Clay Dethloff, Senior Vice President of Qualitative Research, he can be emailed at or Roger Wallace, Qualitative Analytics, he can be emailed at They both may be reached at 1-800-262-5974 or 1-817-640-6166.