Market Segmentation: A Powerful Tool

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The goal of marketing is to concentrate effort within specific customer groups to gain a competitive advantage. Market segmentation aids this endeavor by identifying groups of customers who are similar to one another. Successful segmentation depends on understanding what customer groups need, how they differ from one another, and how they decide among products and services. This webinar will include:

  • Segmentation Types
  • Criteria for Useful Segments
  • Segmentation Techniques
  • How to Understand Segments
  • Best Practices


Elizabeth Horn

Elizabeth Horn

Senior VP, Advanced Analytics

Beth has provided expertise and high-end analytics for Decision Analyst for over 25 years. She is responsible for design, analyses, and insights derived from discrete choice models; MaxDiff analysis; volumetric forecasting; predictive modeling; GIS analysis; and market segmentation. She regularly consults with clients regarding best practices in research methodology. Beth earned a Ph.D. and a Master of Science in Experimental Psychology with emphasis on psychological principles, research methods, and statistics from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, TX.