Insider Series Webinar

Product Testing In The "Real World" With IHUTs
presented by Stan Hazen and Felicia Rogers

Product testing might be the most valuable marketing research most companies ever do. If a company is not committed to product testing and continuous product improvement, it will eventually find itself losing market share not only to products that are continually improving, but also to new and better products entering the market.

Product testing is the surest way to improve existing products or to optimize a new product's chances of success. And it's the surest way to achieve product superiority, which can help a company dominate its product category, strengthen its brand share, magnify the positive effects of all of its marketing activities, and even command a premium price.

And for products that are used at home, an IHUT (in-home usage test)—where consumers test products at home in a "real world" environment, using them as they normally would—is the most accurate, most predictive, and most actionable product test possible.

In this webinar, we discussed IHUT Product Testing...

  • Uses
  • Advantages
  • Processes
  • Tips
  • Best practices

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