Marketing Consulting

Marketing consulting services can be based on industry knowledge, secondary research, or primary research.

Marketing Consulting

Most consultancies focus on industry knowledge and secondary data searches as the bases for their consulting work. In contrast, Decision Analyst focuses on primary research as the scientific basis for its marketing consulting services. Regardless of the marketing issue, marketing need, marketing opportunity, or marketing problem, Decision Analyst has the research systems, research techniques, experimental designs, analytic methods, and consulting expertise to determine cause and effect to find a scientific, proven, fact-based optimal solution.

Most of Decision Analyst’s consulting focuses on answering important marketing questions, such as:

  • What is the optimal target market, or target audience, for a given brand?
  • What market segments exist and which ones, if any, should be targeted?
  • What’s the best strategic positioning to accelerate brand growth and profitability?
  • What themes and messages provide optimal support to a brand’s strategic positioning?
  • How can the brand’s advertising and messaging be optimized? How can the brand’s advertising media mix be optimized?
  • How can the product itself be optimized? What ingredients or design features provide the greatest utility to consumers?
  • How can package design and shelf display be optimized? What’s the optimal shelf set by number and types of SKUs?
  • What are opportunities for brand growth by channel of distribution? Online channels? Direct marketing?
  • What role should promotion play in the marketing plan, and what types of promotions are most effective in generating trial or in generating the greatest level of repeat purchases?
  • What’s an optimal pricing strategy for the brand by time of year and/or by channel of distribution?
  • What product improvements or new products are possible? What’s the best way to generate new product ideas?
  • What new products offer the greatest long-term potential? What will a new product’s sales be in Year One and Year Two?
  • Is a potential acquisition a good deal? What are the innate marketing strengths of the company, and what are its weaknesses and risks?

Marketing Consulting Services

Decision Analyst’s research and consulting assignments are typically completed on an accelerated schedule, with reports and recommendations delivered as fast as possible—so long as the reliability of the research and the quality of the thinking that goes into the recommendations are not compromised by the schedule. If you would like to discuss consulting possibilities or would like more information, please contact Jerry W. Thomas ( is Chief Executive Officer of Decision Analyst. He may be reached at 1-817-640-6166.