Insider Series Webinar

Consumer Market Segmentation And Profiling: Painting A Portrait Of Success
presented by Clay Dethloff and Elizabeth Horn, Ph.D.

Market segmentation allows companies to concentrate effort within specific consumer groups to gain a competitive advantage. Segmentation research outlines target consumer segments, much like an artist sketching a portrait. Yet a pencil-drawn outline is not enough. To bring the subject to life, the artist must add color, shadow, light, and texture. Segmentation and profiling research that goes beyond merely outlining target groups is critical to adding dimension to consumer segments. Such research fully explains how and why consumers make their buying decisions.

In this webinar we will cover the recommended steps in Marketing Segmentation and Profiling:

  • Qualitative Exploration
  • Market Segmentation
  • Quantitative Deep Dive
  • Segment Portrait Development (bringing the segments to life utilizing Ethnography and other techniques)
  • Incorporating the use of Segments into marketing strategy

During the video Beth mentions our previous webinar on Marketing Segmentation, it goes more into more detail about the methods of segmentation.

In addition, she also references the segmentation technique Multidimensional Segmentation. Multidimensional segmentation is a powerful conceptual model for the analysis of large and complex datasets. By subdividing the dataset into closely related topic areas (buckets), and then segmenting on the variables within each bucket, multiple and independent segmentations of the whole dataset are possible.

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