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  • Free Stats Software

    Decision Analyst offers two free software packages for marketing researchers: Decision Analyst's STATS™ 2.0 and ChoiceModelR™.

  • Product Testing

    Decision Analyst’s in-home product testing system, Optima®, can help companies achieve clear-cut product superiority in a category and build brand share and boost profitability.

  • Marketing Segmentation

    Successful segmentation depends on understanding what consumers need, how groups of consumers differ from one another, and how consumers decide among products.

  • Ethnographic Research

    Using mobile, online and traditional ethnographic methods to help marketers gain a deeper understanding of the consumers' perceptions, attitudes, and beliefs.


Marketing Researchand Analytical Consulting

Decision Analyst delivers a synergistic blend of qualitative explorations, quantitative research, analytics and modeling to help companies:

  • Develop optimal marketing strategies
  • Build stronger brands
  • Improve product quality
  • Increase advertising effectiveness
  • Improve package communications
  • Strengthen promotional programs
  • Accelerate new product development
  • Optimize the shopping experience
  • Improve marketing and distribution systems

Recent News

  • Marketing Research Blog: Universe Error by Jerry W. ThomasThe world is awash in data from surveys of all types. The rise of low-cost, do-it-yourself survey tools has added to the flood of survey data. We can scarcely buy a toothpick without a follow-on survey to measure how happy we are with the toothpick. All of these surveys and the data they generate (often using relatively large samples, n > 1,000) tend to create a false sense of accuracy, based on the calculated standard error.
  • Marketing Research Blog:Consider Realism When Designing Choice Experiments, Especially With Small-Screen DevicesReplicating actual market decisions in a survey choice task is an important design goal. However, given that survey respondents have moved to devices with smaller screens, it has become increasingly difficult to accomplish the goal of realism. For this reason, a summary of the most important elements of realism becomes critical, so that the choice task design can focus on incorporating only these most important elements.
  • Insider Series Webinar: Pricing Analytics hosted by John Colias, Ph.D. In this webinar, we review analytical methods used to measure price elasticity and explain how price elasticity can used to support business pricing strategy, whether for an existing product line or for a new product. This webinar will be held on July 19th.

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