Free Statistical Software for Marketing Research

Decision Analyst provides two free statistical software packages: Decision Analyst STATS™ 2.0 and ChoiceModelR™.

  • Stat Statistical Software
    Decision Analyst STATS™ 2.0
    Stats 2.0 is a free easy-to-use statistical software for marketing researchers. It does require a windows-based operating system to run, (Stats™ 2.0 does not run on MAC computers). Stats™ 2.0 performs multiple functions, including:
  • Random numbers generator
  • Sample size determination
  • Mean, standard deviation, standard error, and range
  • Standard error of a proportion
  • Significance testing
  • Correlation
  • Cross-tabulation
  • Factor analysis
  • Multiple regression
  • Cluster analysis
  • ChoiceModelR™
    Decision Analyst ChoiceModelR™
    ChoiceModelR™ is an open-source software package written in the R language by Decision Analyst statistical programmers. It is designed to analyze data from choice modeling experiments across a wide array of industries, based on surveys of how target market consumers react to many different marketing and product stimuli at different price points (i.e., different scenarios). ChoiceModelR™ is ideal for large datasets with complex variables. This software replicates the functionality of the best commercial choice modeling programs. The program assumes that the choice modeling experiment (the data collection phase) has been conducted and the data are ready to analyze. The software runs within the R platform and includes the following features:
  • Dependent variable may be either discrete (nominal or ordinal) or share (continuous between zero and one).
  • Constraints may be imposed on model parameters.
  • Number of choice observations per decision maker (e.g., respondent) may vary.
  • Number of choice alternatives per choice observation may vary.

To run ChoiceModelR™, users must have a basic understanding of choice modeling and the R language, and must download the R language. Both ChoiceModelR™ and the R language are open source and free.


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