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  • 15Dec
    Marketing Strategy

    Like practically everything else, it feels like marketing—especially advertising—is changing at lightning speed. Print is out, digital is in.

    Broadcast no, Social yes. Mass messaging is passé, microtargeting is the new black. Traditional processes? Nah, give me agile please, and let’s add in some programmatic advertising. Right or wrong, these seem to be the prevailing attitudes as technology advances and consumer behavior changes.

  • New product development

    How do you know if a new product will be successful?

    Will people like it? Will they buy it? Will they tell others about it? Will they give positive ratings and reviews? Will they buy it a second time? And a third? Will we make a profit on it? How quickly?

  • 24May
    Design Thinking For The Rest Of Us
    Posted by Felicia Rogers
    design thinking

    By now you’ve probably heard about Design Thinking.

    Originated by the Stanford University Institute of Design, this is a development pathway that was devised for use by designers and innovation specialists. Essentially, Design Thinking is a process in which various steps are knitted together to help guide innovation in virtually any area of discipline. That is, the process helps develop new products and services, new advertising or promotions, new package functionality or presentation, etc.


  • 24Jan
    The Curse of the Target Market
    Posted by Felicia Rogers
    Target Market

    We often put the cart before the horse when evaluating new product ideas. How many times have you been in the midst of a new product development (NPD) effort when the conversation turned to the target market?

    Then that conversation seemed to take on a life of its own. I’m convinced that, for some in corporate America, the lens is focused so intensely on the target market that the product idea itself gets pushed into the periphery.

  • 18Oct
    The Brand Awareness Bullseye
    Posted by Felicia Rogers
    Brand Awareness

    As time goes on, building brand awareness is becoming more and more difficult. You might wonder how that is possible? Hear me out.

    Media, in seemingly endless forms, has a huge influence on our lives. We humans are inundated with messages: verbal, written, visual. Experts tell us that advertising messages alone come at us thousands of times each day. Add to those other marketing messages, personal conversations, text messages, email, news feeds, social media activity, and so on. I’m distracted just writing these words.

  • Marketing Research

    When I typed the word "growth" into Google Search and I was immediately (within 0.46 seconds it says) presented with 747,000,000 results.

    There are pictures, graphs, articles, and definitions. defines growth as "the act or process, or a manner of growing; development; gradual increase."

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