Marketing Research for IT Companies

Internet & Technology Research Services

In a market where obsolescence can occur in a matter of months, marketing research and marketing consulting are necessary in order to stay one step ahead of the competition.

The Technology Research Group within Decision Analyst provides marketing research and analytical consulting services to the technology sector.

Decision Analyst has helped a variety of Internet and Technology companies, including:

  • Hardware providers.
  • Software providers.
  • Consumer electronics manufacturers and vendors.
  • eBusinesses and
  • IT (Information Technology) service providers.

Our team of technology research specialists can handle the most difficult marketing problems and research assignments, and they have the technical background to understand the complex issues facing these industries.

We work with an array of Fortune 500 technology companies. Our expertise lies in custom research, helping clients in new product development, product and pricing optimization, brand measurement and tracking, and marketing and advertising testing.

Decision Analyst also owns and manages the following online panels for use in technology research:

  • American Consumer Opinion® online panel of more than seven million consumers in the U.S., Canada, Western Europe, Latin America, and Asia. This is one of the largest Internet panels in the world.
  • Technology Advisory Board® has more than 135,000 technology workers who can be selected not only by industry and company size, but also by the products they purchase/approve.
  • Executive Advisory Board® consists of more than 120,000 C-level executives from companies of all sizes and in all industries.
  • Imaginators® panel individuals who are exceptionally creative. This panel is the largest and best ideation and creativity panel in the world.

The Technology Advisory Board® and Executive Advisory Board® provide valuable insight for companies needing to understand business-to-business technology issues, as well as the concerns and motivations of decision makers and purchase influencers within organizations. Both panels provide access to difficult-to-reach managers and executives who won’t be interrupted for a telephone survey, but who care enough about the industry to respond to an Internet survey at a time that better fits with their busy schedules.

In addition to these Internet panels, Decision Analyst conducts technology research via traditional methodologies such as telephone, personal interviews, and focus groups for situations in which these methodologies are better suited to the client's needs.

Marketing Research Services

If you would like more information conducting Technology Research, please contact Jerry W. Thomas, Chief Executive Officer (, or Bonnie Janzen, President (, at 1-800-ANALYSIS (262-5974) or 1-817-640-6166.