Download Our Complimentary Consumer Reactions to COVID-19 Report

When COVID-19 began to capture our attention in the United States, Decision Analyst decided to field a variety of research studies to understand a number of issues Americans are facing: Who is being impacted? What behaviors are changing and why? How are people feeling about what is happening around them? Listed Below are the topics included in the report.

  • Consumer Mindset Segments
  • Level Of Concern
  • Emotions/Stress
  • Health/Weight Changes
  • Personal Experience With The Virus
  • Impact On Leisure Travel
  • Impact On Healthcare Attitudes
  • Impact On Home/Family/Retirement

The online surveys were conducted among adults aged 18+. Beginning in March 2020, a total of 20 waves have been completed among adults 18+ in the United States. Wave 1 of over 1,500 respondents. Waves 2-16 each have 500 respondents each. Waves 17-20 were completed with 1,000-1500 respondents.

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