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For our Wave 17 report we shifted gears and rather than conducting a simple survey we conducted a Consumer Mindset Segmentation study. This Segmentation study was conducted among people across the U.S. and we have identified 6 fascinating consumer mindsets that could impact your business.

Through meticulous analysis of the survey data and careful consideration of the results, six consumer mindsets emerged (See graphic to the right). In the free report you will find an overview of each one’s defining characteristics. Detailed data on each segment are then presented.


Online surveys we conducted among adults aged 18+. Beginning in March 2020, a total of 17 waves have been completed. Wave 1 consisted of over 1,500 completes across two online surveys. Waves 2-16 were conducted among approximately 500 consumers each. Wave 17 was completed with 1,504 adults, 1,371 of whom are included in the resulting segments.

Example Importance/Performance Map

What's Your Mindset?

Take our Consumer Mindset Typing Tool and see which segment you are in.

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