Data Entry Services

Decision Analyst offers high-precision data entry for paper surveys in many different languages. Our capabilities include:

  • Single or multipunch
  • Qualitative verbatims
  • Customer comment cards
  • Alpha and numeric fields
  • Multilanguage
  • Data entry from image files or from paper
  • Data entry for import into an existing database
Quality Assurance

Minimum accuracy level is 99.95%. Data entry verification is 100% (that is, all data is entered twice, and the data is entered by different data entry specialists). Data files are then examined with cleaning software to identify any possible errors, and the identified errors are hand checked against the original questionnaire or document.

Machine Scanning

Mail or other surveys can be set up for machine scanning, which is less expensive than data entry by people, but the accuracy is not as good. The human eye can catch mistakes and errors that the scanners miss. Still, for very large projects, scanning is a method to consider. Scanning accuracy can be improved by human eyes scanning the questionnaire before machine scanning it.

Data Output

The entered data can be provided in the following formats:

  • Excel
  • SPSS
  • SAS
  • Access

Decision Analyst Tabulation experts use sophisticated software and systems to produce powerful cross-tabs and summaries that include algebraic models for scoring and analysis. Significance testing can be applied to columns and rows of tabulated results, and complex weighting schemes can be applied to the data.

Coding Open-Ended Questions

If the survey contains open-ended questions, Decision Analyst can code the verbatims in more than 30 different languages. Once the coding is complete the surveys can be sent to data entry.

Data Entry Experience

Decision Analyst is a leading, global marketing research and analytical consulting firm with more than four decades of experience in data entry for a multitude of studies, from the simple questionnaires to multicountry advanced analytical designs. Our experienced data entry specialists each have over 20 years of experience in data entry for marketing research. They have worked on many types of projects, including; tracking/wave studies, diary studies, customer loyalty, multi-national, combining multiple databases, etc.

Data Entry Services

If you need a cost estimate for a survey data entry project, please contact Lisa Hazen, Vice President/COO, by emailing her at, or by calling 1-800-ANALYSIS (262-5974) or 1-817-640-6166.