Motivational Research (Qualitative Research)

  • Qualitative Research
    We believe sound qualitative research is a vital component in decision-oriented marketing research.
    It is especially useful in developing hypotheses about consumer motivations and in helping us understand a topic from the consumer's perspective, in the consumer's own language.

    Qualitative research (which is characterized by free-ranging, open-ended interviews among a limited number of respondents) is primarily an exploratory and/or a motivational technique.

Decision Analyst emphasizes nondirective and projective interviewing techniques in our qualitative investigations. The discussion guides and analyses focus on questions and issues of marketing significance. These methods produce the most inclusive and unbiased results.

Qualitative Research Applications

The qualitative research methodology is a flexible tool that uncovers consumers’ motivations and their relationship with a brand/product in a variety of settings and applications. Some qualitative research examples are:

  • Persona development for market segmentation
  • Branding research
  • Shopping research
  • Concept development and refinement
  • Product development and refinement
  • Exploration for quantitative questionnaire development
  • Exploration of questions raised in quantitative research
  • Attitude, usage and behavior
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Shopper research
  • Message Development
Qualitative Research Services

Decision Analyst Qualitative Research Services include:


Experienced Qualitative Consultants

Decision Analyst has over 3 decades of qualitative research experience and is one of the pioneers in adapting qualitative research to the Internet. Our moderators can recommend the qualitative technique (online or in-person) best suited to your research needs.

For more information on our Qualitative Research services, please contact Clay Dethloff , Senior Vice President (, or call 1-800-ANALYSIS (262-5974) or 1-817-640-6166.