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  • Strategic Impact

    In today’s world it’s easy to lose sight of the destination, the strategy.

    You become focused on managing versus leading, and you may be driving hard, but in the wrong direction. Are you organizing resources in the right direction? Is your strategy lost in the trees or making a StrategicImpact™?


  • Marketing Research

    Like its in-person counterpart, an online focus group allows businesses to use a moderator to talk directly to consumers to ask key questions, to show a variety of stimulus types, to capture group interaction, and more.

    But, in conducting online qualitative, don’t forget the role of, and the importance of being a backroom observer. Here are four ways to use the backroom as a means to get the most from your qualitative research.


  • Brand Loyalty Roadmap

    I love the moisturizer I use. There are benefits and attributes I value about it. Each is an important piece of my decision to buy this product, and if any of these attributes changed, I would have to re-evaluate the product.

    Both companies and nonprofits derive loyalty by providing benefits beyond just a product or social program. These benefits can be the way a product or organization makes consumers feel, the solution to a problem it champions, the attributes associated with it, or even the cachet of the brand or social cause itself.

  • Consumer Reactions to Covid-19

    As stressful as this environment is, it could be an opportunity to evaluate where your company or nonprofit has been and where it wants to go.

    Has what you’ve been doing up until now served you well? Is it time to adjust plans, change directions entirely, or double down on your current strategy? Do you have data that can help you answer strategic questions?

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