Geographic Information System (GIS Mapping)

  • GIS Mapping Services
    We provide meaningful visual representations of market and economic data and its spatial relationship to a development site, store location, or shopping center.
    Using GIS, we incorporate proprietary performance metrics along with demographic and economic information and our proprietary real estate databases

    Using selected primary, secondary, census, or client-provided data, Decision Analyst’s GIS Mapping Group can create a series of color-coded thematic maps to highlight marketing opportunities. Each map is customized, presenting the data by market, trade area, or other area-specific geography. These maps provide an effective visualization and immediate understanding of strategic market opportunities.

The kinds of information that can be mapped:

  • Competitor analyses
  • Trade or coverage areas
  • Customer locations and profiles
  • Demographic variables
  • Franchise encroachment
  • Industry guides
  • Industry influences
  • Market analyses
  • Profit analyses
  • Sales revenues
  • Sales territory analyses
  • Sales territory balancing
  • Served/Underserved clients
  • Service areas
  • Service needs
  • Service territories
  • Site analyses
  • Target market analyses

Example of a GIS Map

Generic Dallas Market Map

Spatial Analytic Consulting

Decision Analyst’s strengths in statistics and mathematics, simulation, modeling, and optimization provide the analytical horsepower to address complex business and strategy problems. If you would like more information on our Spatial Analytic Services, please contact contact Jerry W. Thomas, President/CEO (, or Elizabeth Horn, Ph.D., Senior Vice President of Advanced Analytics (, or call 1-800-ANALYSIS (262-5974) or 1-817-640-6166.