Leadership Strategy Video Series

An Interview with Megan Christ, T-Mobile Sprint
Interviewed by Bonnie Janzen, Decision Analyst

Decision Analyst interviews Megan Christ, Group Manager Customer Insights & Research at T-Mobile Sprint, on the industry, how they are navigating the COVID-19 crisis and how they are planning for the future.


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If you have a question please contact Bonnie Janzen, Executive Vice President, she can be emailed at bjanzen@decisionanalyst.com. She may also be reached at 1-800-262-5974 or 1-817-640-6166.

Video Chapters

The video is almost 12 minutes long, below are the timestops for the different topics discussed.

  • 00:00:04 Meet Our Guest
  • 00:00:50 Connecting In The Covid-19 Era
  • 00:02:05 Adapting To The New Reality
  • 00:03:24 Adapting The Workforce
  • 00:05:28 Adapting To The Economy
  • 00:06:48 Next Steps - Moving Forward
  • 00:08:21 Action - An Active Partner