Meet Our Strategic Partner: Ricky Xie

Ricky Xie is a veteran research director with more than 18 years of experience in China.

He started his career in 1996 and worked for 5 years in premium hotels before becoming a qualitative researcher. That experience taught him good etiquette and skills in communicating with different consumers. As the Director of International Business at Hycon Research, Ricky is now leading his research team to serve Fortune 500 companies and large Chinese businesses in various industries.

Ricky has extensive experience in a wide range of sectors, including FMCG, home appliance, luxury goods and services, hotels, IT, healthcare, and automotive. He is proficient in diverse qualitative research techniques and methodologies (FGDs, in-depth interviews, ethnographies, etc.). In addition, he is also skilled in using online platforms (bulletin boards, online chat groups, webcams, large-scale qualitative, etc.) to fit to different research objectives and consumer needs.

Ricky is flexible in both traditional and innovative research tools and specializes in usage & attitude research, brand positioning studies, usability tests, product/concept evaluations, helping companies with consumer insights and strategic suggestions.

Ricky is based in Shanghai and can cover qualitative work throughout China. As a native Chinese, he has strong bilingual abilities (Chinese and English), which enables him to communicate directly with international clients.

In addition to staying busy with work, he also enjoys watching movies and traveling. He is fascinated with various styles of architecture and loves to learn about history and culture all over the world.

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