Meet Our Strategic Partner: Rachel Romano

  • Rachel Romano
    Rachel Romano
    Veritas Insights

Rachel is a qualitative research expert with 25+ years of experience in research.

Before founding Veritas Insights in 2012, Rachel was a Research Manager at Harris Interactive, where she supported U.S. and global teams in delivering laser-focused qualitative research to enhance the marketing and advertising efforts of some of the world’s top brands. She frequently collaborates on projects with companies such as AstraZeneca, Coca Cola, Dunkin Donuts, Google, Johnson & Johnson, NBC, and many others, both small and large. No matter what the size of the company, she delivers world-class insights and actionable results to help her clients understand their customer needs, desires and drivers.

Rachel’s qualitative style focuses on friendliness and authenticity. She instantly connects with respondents, making them feel at ease and comfortable in sharing their experiences, thoughts and feelings. She goes beyond the surface, uncovering insights beyond the conscious, rational thought and into the emotional realm, where most consumer decisions are actually made. She regularly draws from her background in psychology and anthropology (BA, MA) to ensure her clients get a deep, contextual understanding of their customers.

Language and Country Specializations
English, Spanish, U.S. and Global Oversight

Industry Specializations
Pharma, CPG, Entertainment and Media, Healthcare

Type of Work Specialized In
Exploratory landscape, new product development, concept/product evaluation, branding, brand positioning and strategy, consumer journey, and packaging

Technique Specialization
Full range of online and in-person qualitative methodologies, including focus groups, IDIs, online bulletin boards, phone and webcam interviews, ethnographies, usability, shop-alongs, and pre- and post-quant

Interests and Hobbies
Rachel is a yoga and meditation teacher and a fitness enthusiast.

Qualitative Research Services

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