Meet Our Strategic Partner: Linda A. Anderson

Above all else, Linda comes across as professional and polished but totally approachable.

This balance has led to long-term relationships with industry leaders who trust her to be the primary gateway to coveted business executives and healthcare professionals. At the same time, this unique demeanor allows remarkably effective discussions with respondents coping with challenging life circumstances and even young adults.

Linda strives to be more than a moderator. She often participates in composing interview stimuli such as concept statements or service descriptions. And when all is said and done, she strives to bring insights and recommendations to heighten the impact of the research. In fact, this passion for providing superior client support has become the founding principle that has allowed her firm to flourish for over 20 years.

Linda brings an unparalleled work ethic to every assignment. She begins by immersing herself in the subject matter and meticulously prepares her moderation approach. This invariably pays off with interviews that feel conversational and even satisfying to respondents. C-suite executives often compliment her approach at the conclusion of in-depth discussions—even those that involved largely structured questioning. And clients often comment that Linda has the natural ability to bring discussions to a deeper level.

Her passion for moderation took root early in her career as a research team leader in a major multinational company. Put simply, she believed that qualitative tools and techniques lacked impact, so she took it upon herself to become the company’s primary moderator. The results were a huge success, and this experience convinced her to commit to qualitative work full-time.

Like so many leading moderators, she has tackled virtually every major product and service category. Even so, her main areas of focus are fintech, healthcare, technology, consumer electronics and business services.

She holds a BA in experimental psychology and an MBA in finance and marketing.

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