Meet Our Strategic Partner: Klaudia Marino

Klaudia is a well-rounded qualitative research professional with more than 34 years of experience.

From discovering meaningful consumer insights to developing behavior change strategies, Klaudia has had a breadth of leadership roles at top advertising agencies and now owns her own research and strategy firm. Over her 34-year career, she has held roles in agency leadership, account service, strategy, consumer research (both quant and qual), and media planning across a variety of major brands including Walmart, Southwest Airlines, Nestle, Edwards Lifesciences, and many more. In the last decade she has developed specialized experience in the healthcare industry and public behavior change for programs such as ClickItorTicket and most recently the COVID-19 pandemic.

Klaudia believes in the power of both quantitative and qualitative research, but relishes opportunities to engage in qual to understand the nuances of behavior, perceptions, and compelling messaging. She has done qual at every stage, from future-forward product development to creative concept evaluations. Her approach is simple – no matter the forum, listen and ask compelling questions. Getting below the layers to the truths of motivation takes asking questions in different ways. Because many of her projects include changing daily, life-long behaviors, the motivations and barriers are often deeply buried and, like a treasure, need to be dug up and brought to the surface. Klaudia really is most jazzed about insight discovery and turning those into successful action plans for her clients. “Insights are cool, but if they don’t change behaviors, who cares?”

Although her only language is English, Klaudia does qual research all over the world including working in partnership with in-market moderators in Japan and China.

Klaudia has worked on almost every topic imaginable but is particularly well versed in retail, services, healthcare, and public safety behavior change.

Klaudia loves tennis, yoga and living the urban downtown life now that her fabulous children are grown.

Qualitative Research Services

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