Meet Our Strategic Partner: Gwenaëlle de Kerret, Ph.D.

Gwenaëlle de Kerret, Ph.D., is a Qualitative Researcher and Semiologist based in Paris.

She started her career in 2005 and spent 11 years in market and opinion research firms (BVA, Harris Interactive), helping international organizations with strategy issues. She then launched her own research firm. Today she brings her expertise to branding, innovation, and design projects. She has experience in research for FMCG, services, luxury brands and public organizations.

Gwen is passionate about creativity and innovative protocols. She likes to combine traditional qualitative tools with methods such as semiology (e.g., test of communications), ethnography (e.g., diagnosis of customer pathway), and design thinking (e.g., product innovation).

In parallel with her work, Gwen completed her doctoral thesis in 2016 on the visual identity of museums in France and the USA. She is also a teacher and professional trainer in branding, semiology, ethnography, and innovation methods.

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