Meet Our Moderator: Felicia Rogers

Felicia is a experienced researcher with skills in both qualitative and quantitative techniques.

She has spent her career helping organizations better understand their customers and put those insights to work to drive growth for their businesses. As a partner in the firm and a co-leader of the company’s Client Service organization, Felicia shares responsibility for Decision Analyst’s growth and success; she accomplishes both through internal team leadership and development, as well as account guidance and strategy development. Felicia is energized by the time she spends conducting customer interviews and analyzing those conversations and discussions to help her clients drive meaningful changes for their brands.

Felicia utilizes a nondirective approach, gently guiding discussions. She is careful to avoid contributing ideas that would bias a participant’s responses. She believes strongly in the importance of being relatable and quickly establishing rapport. This puts respondents at ease and encourages them to honestly share their thoughts and feelings. She is a keen observer of body language and incorporates a variety of projective techniques into her work. These skills enable her to uncover feelings and emotions that are difficult or impossible for research participants to articulate or share explicitly. Especially in conducting business-to-business (B2B) research, Felicia acknowledges the importance of setting participants up as the experts. This help when asking very specific questions and facilitates her ability to draw out details through respondents’ explanations of often very technical topics.

Felicia focuses primarily on U.S. research, and has also conducted interviews with English speakers in other parts of the world.

Felicia works across a variety of goods and services categories. Much of her work is focused on consumer packaged goods/fast-moving consumer goods, quick-service and casual restaurants, retailing, and durable goods. Over the span of her career, she has developed an unusually-deep knowledge in a few key categories: alcohol beverages; home improvement, including HVAC (heating and cooling) equipment; and food service and food retailing.

According to Felicia, “My favorite part of my career is playing a role in an organization’s innovation process, as well as its strategy and brand development. It’s incredibly rewarding to encounter a new product in the marketplace, see an ad or a website, or hear a conversation about a great brand and know that I contributed to its development and success.”

In her off hours, Felicia is a family person, enjoying time with her husband and three grown daughters. She also spends time each week volunteering and serving children and families in her community.

Qualitative Research Services

If you would like more information, please contact Felicia Rogers by emailing or calling 1-817-640-6166.

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