Online Marketing Research

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Online Marketing Research

Decision Analyst’s advanced research and analytics are made possible by the reliability of its proprietary online panels and systems. Precise and consistent data are fundamental to the validity and projectability of analytic inferences.

Decision Analyst started building its Internet research capabilities and systems in 1996. Since then we have become a global leader in Internet-based research systems by developing secure, scientifically valid, technologically advanced, and carefully integrated software and systems.

Analytical Consulting

At Decision analyst a profound link exists between online research and advanced analytics. Choice modeling, conjoint, and market segmentation surveys can be accurately and efficiently conducted via our online research platform. Logician® (our proprietary survey software) provides controls for the execution of complicated experimental designs and allows complex visual stimuli to be shown, hidden, and timed.

Mobile Devices

Some marketing questions are best answered by mobile surveys. If it’s important to know exactly what consumers are doing and thinking while “on the go” or at a given place or time, then smartphone surveys are often ideal. Decision Analyst offers a full range of mobile survey capabilities.

Proprietary Online Research Panels

Decision Analyst has conducted thousands of web-based surveys using its proprietary research systems and worldwide online research panels—with more than seven million consumers, technology professionals, physicians, medical professionals, and executives. Panel members who are selected to participate in a survey are invited to a secure Internet server to complete that survey.

Client Databases and Facebook Pages

Decision Analyst has designed and programmed surveys and provided survey links for clients to post on a Facebook page for their customer database or community. Typically, those surveyed are the most loyal or high-volume customers who follow a particular brand, product, or program. The response to a social media invitation depends on how large and active the online community is. We customize the survey to each target audience and media format and then analyze the results.

Mail Survey Invitations

The U.S. postal system may seem a bit old-fashioned (especially on a web page discussing online research); however, not all consumers can be reached via email. Many consumers will not grant permission to be reached by email, you may not have your customers' email addresses, or your target audience is too difficult or expensive to reach online. In these cases an invitation to the online survey can be mailed to the target audience.

Icion® Multivariate Sampling

Icion® (our multivariate sampling software) simultaneously balances samples by geography, gender, age, income, and ethnicity, with random selection of respondents within each quota cell.

Logician® Questionnaire Programming and Reporting System

Decision Analyst’s Logician® software provides extraordinary capabilities to program complex questionnaires, manage quotas and cell assignments during data collection, and report topline results. The Logician® system also permits clients to run their own cross-tabs.

High Standards

Decision Analyst conducts its Internet research with the same high standards that it demands for other data collection methodologies—sophisticated probability sampling, precise project control, rigorous quality-assurance procedures, advanced questionnaire programming, and insightful analyses. If properly designed and executed, online surveys provide higher quality and more reliable data than other methods.

At the Forefront

During the mid-90s Decision Analyst helped pioneer the development of online research technologies and continues to be a world leader in online research methods. These online technologies and systems provide the platform for advanced analytics, modeling, and optimization. Continuing investments in people, technology, and analytics keep Decision Analyst at the forefront of online research.

Cost and Timing

In addition to providing higher quality data, Internet surveys are faster and less costly than telephone surveys. This is especially true for low-incidence product categories.

Online Marketing Research Services

If you would like more information on Online Marketing Research, please contact Jerry W. Thomas, Chief Executive Officer, by emailing him at, or by calling 1-800-ANALYSIS (262-5974) or 1-817-640-6166.