Marketing Research Glossary - K

Key Driver Analysis: A correlational or regression analysis of survey variables which are expected to drive customer behavior in either a positive or negative direction. Key driver analysis quantifies the relative influence of each causal variable onto perceived overall performance of a brand. Learn More

Key Verifying: Also called Verification or Data Entry Verification. For paper questionnaires, the answers are entered into a data file twice, the second time by a different data entry person. The two data files are then checked against each other. Differences are resolved by checking the source questionnaire.

Keypunch: In times past, survey results were recorded in an IBM card by actually "keypunching" the card (and creating a holes in the card) to record the answers to a survey (rarely used anymore).

K-Means Cluster Analysis: A type of cluster analysis in which respondents are sorted into a chosen number (k) of clusters, such that similarity within clusters is maximized relative to variation across clusters. Learn More

Kolmogorov-Smirnov Test: Statistical test used for data that need not be normally distributed. This test can detect distributional differences between two samples, or differences between an observed sample distribution and an expected sample distribution.

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