Rebate Offer Ad Test

Category: Optical Product
Methods: Promotion Testing, Marketing Communications

Advertising Testing


A leading maker of optical products wanted to gauge likely consumer response to several product discount offers.

Strategic Issues

The manufacturer was considering offering a rebate, but first wanted to understand the market implications of this offer to ensure the offer increased sales enough to offset the revenue decrease from the rebate.

Research Objectives

Objectives of this research included understanding the general interest and volume potential generated by the base advertisement (without rebate) and the ad with the rebate offer (across several rebate offer levels).

Research Design and Methods

More than 600 representative consumers from Decision Analyst’s American Consumer Opinion® panel completed the 15-minute survey online. Each consumer evaluated the products in the ad separately, then evaluated the base ad, and finally evaluated the ad with one of the rebate offers shown.


The survey identified a net increase in product interest when the rebate was shown. However, the lower rebate offer was defined as the “sweet spot” that developed the most potential for the least cost. Additionally, several tweaks were identified for the rebate ad that should further strengthen response in the market.

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