Package Testing With A Shelf Set


Our client, a national consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturer, is one of the top brands in their sector of the larger home improvement industry. This client had developed several new package designs for their aging, but very successful, product line and wanted to determine which design, if any, should replace the current design on store shelves.

Strategic Issues

The brand was very successful at retail, and changing the packaging could potentially have a negative impact on sales if consumers were confused by the change. The company was planning for the next sales cycle and needed to quickly determine in an efficient way which package option they should move forward with in manufacturing.

Research Objectives

The primary objective of the research was to identify which package option consumers most preferred. Specific objectives included the following:

  • Understand the impact of the package designs on purchase intent
  • Identify which package elements were most appealing to consumers
  • Determine if new consumers could be attracted to the brand
  • Identify how the packages could be improved
Research Design and Methods

The package research was conducted online using a custom survey. The survey instrument was created in tandem with the client and incorporated a sequential monadic design. The survey also included a mock shelf set with competitive products. All packages were priced.

The survey instrument was about 15 minutes in length. Respondents were screened to be U.S. adults, homeowners, category decision makers, and past-year category purchasers. A total of 900 respondents participated in the research.


The client received a detailed report highlighting the reactions consumers had to each of the package designs. The analysis revealed a clear winner among the alternative packages, but it also indicated that the package could be improved with some additional changes. The client worked with their design agency to modify the winning package, and launched the product the following season. Sales of the product were very strong, and consumer reactions to the new packaging were very positive. The client was extremely happy with the results.

Package Testing Research

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