New Product Concept Test:

Discovering Key Drivers of Product Preference

Category: Consumer Health & Beauty Products
Methods: New Product Concept Testing

Concept Testing


A leading global manufacturer of consumer health and beauty products was considering adding a new product to its current line.

Strategic Issues

The personal healthcare industry continues to develop due to favorable demographics and growing awareness. The manufacturer is seeking to capitalize on this market growth by expanding its product line and incrementing its sales at big-box retailers and national chain pharmacies.

Research Objectives

The primary objective of the research was to evaluate a new product concept and to refine the concept’s positioning. Additionally, the manufacturer wanted to define the key drivers of preference for personal care products in order to define the product.

Research Design and Methods

A concept test was conducted online among product users and nonusers recruited from the American Consumer Opinion® panel, Decision Analyst’s proprietary online panel of more than 8 million consumers worldwide. More than 200 consumers interested in the product category evaluated the product concept by reviewing a product illustration and description.


The overall reaction to the product concept was very positive and uncovered three key areas of product differentiation versus currently marketed products. These areas of differentiation were also among the top key drivers of product preference.

Based on the results of this research, the product manufacturer added two new product formulations to its product lineup, using the key drivers identified as product differentiations in its marketing messages. This effort led to an increase in demand for the manufacturer’s product line over competitive lines.

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