Vision Product:
Global Messaging Optimization Research


A lens manufacturer wanted to measure unbranded preference for potential messages (including both current messages and potential new messages) across two key products. They also wanted to optimize messages for each product when branded.

Strategic Issues

The company, which markets its key products across the globe, was uncertain of which messages were working and which were not. Further, the company’s country-level approach to product messaging had resulted in inefficient use of marketing resources as well as some product confusion.

Research Objectives

This research was conducted in order to find the best mix of messages (and themes) that would most resonate with eye care professionals globally and best challenge with competitive messages, thereby increasing their share of the market.

Research Design and Methods

More than 300 eye care professionals (ECPs) from Decision Analyst’s Medical Advisory Board®—a proprietary, double-opt-in panel of medical professionals—completed the 30-minute survey online. A mix of independent ECPs and retail ECPs were included across five countries.

A MaxDiff design was used to first measure preference for all messages (and themes) for each product on an unbranded basis (to remove the effect of the brand name). After this straight-forward task, ECPs then participated in a more complex choice-task experiment where they reviewed branded message combinations for the company’s two key products versus competitive product messages.


A new, optimized mix of messages was determined for each of our client’s key products. Compared to current messaging, these new, optimized messages increased preference and share within each country and also globally. The results made it easier for the company to generate global internal buy-in and refocus efforts on a global messaging strategy rather than the less effective (and less efficient) country specific messaging approach previously used.

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