Consumer Pulse Tracking In The Paper-Product Market

  • Consumer Tracking
    Category: Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

    Methods: Attitude & Usage, Purchase Behavior, Key Drivers

A leading manufacturer of sustainable household products wanted to better understand consumers’ usage and perceptions across four household categories.

Strategic Issues

The company’s products are marketed as private-label brands in leading retail stores across the U.S. The company constantly innovates in order to meet market needs and effectively compete against national brands. Keeping up with consumers’ needs and the drivers of their purchase decisions is, therefore, very important.

Research Objectives

The main objectives of this research were to understand how perceptions of private-label products differ from those of national brands and determine how those perceptions impact purchase behaviors in each of the four categories. Additional objectives included:

  • Understanding the different behaviors, needs, and attitudes of consumers across various shopping channels and by the brands they prefer.
  • Assessing how consumers classify various U.S. brands on key attributes.
  • Understanding key drivers in the brand-selection decision.
  • Determining brand strengths and weaknesses across these key attributes.
  • Gauging the strength of key products in terms of how they are perceived for quality and value.
Research Design and Methods

Over 1,700 nationally representative consumers from Decision Analyst’s high-quality American Consumer Opinion® panel completed the 20-minute online survey. Each consumer was assigned to rate two of the four categories. Augments were used to boost specific lower-incidence brand-user groups in order to achieve statistically reliable base sizes for analysis and profiling of those brand-user groups within each category.


The initial wave of this tracking research provided the company with detailed foundational insights that were used to inform internal development of new products and messages. The key-driver analysis uncovered several areas where the company could make improvements to positively impact brand equity and sales. Additionally, the research revealed that specific consumer groups had needs that differed from the typical consumer’s needs, and our client was able to adjust its marketing to these groups to increase capture rate.

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