What Do French Press Coffee And Great Consumer Insights Have In Common?

There was something about watching our entire family of adult children, parents, and grandma enjoying French press coffee recently that got me thinking about the similarities between coffee made with a French press and great consumer insights.

Consumer Insights

You may be thinking it is a stretch, but give me a few minutes. If you have never made coffee with a French press, you should give it a go at your next opportunity. If you are not a coffee connoisseur, maybe a fantastic cup of tea is more to your liking, and some of the same comparisons for making the perfect cup of tea still apply. (Try to substitute the making of your perfect beverage in place of the French press coffee analogy below.)

If you are not terribly familiar with a French press, it is a device which uses the steeping method to brew rich, robust coffee. The French press brews coffee by adding coffee grounds and hot water into a cylindrical pot, then allowing the grounds to be submerged for a few minutes. Next, you utilize a mesh filter to push and hold the grounds on the bottom, while you pour the coffee from the pot.

May you find your best cup of coffee, tea, or whatever makes you happy! May you have a wonderful year with consumer insights leading you to great strategic decisions!

I would love to hear your favorite consumer insight of the past year (if it can be shared) and your preferred cup of coffee or tea! Feel free to reply here or send me a message on LinkedIn or email.


Bonnie Janzen

Bonnie Janzen


Bonnie helps drive growth for client companies based on strategic consumer insights, innovation, and analytics to shape marketing campaigns and new product development programs. She has consulted with clients on new business mergers and acquisitions including global expansion. Advertising and messaging research is a particular passion. She is very involved in the strategic direction of the company.

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