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The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Offers A Beacon of Innovation Illuminating 2024


As the new year unfolds and January settles in with its cold and dreary days, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) shines brightly on the tech horizon.

Innovation and New Product Development

This annual event, held in Las Vegas, is a celebration of groundbreaking advancements in technology.

Since 1967 CES has evolved to become a melting pot of diverse technologies, expanding across categories that redefine our daily lives. Navigating this technological wonderland within the constraints of one week is a thrilling challenge, underscoring the vastness and dynamism of CES. And with conferences and tech talks hosted throughout the week, CES isn't just about seeing the latest wonders, it's also a platform for thought leaders and industry experts to share insights.

From smart home innovations, wearables, and 8K resolution televisions to emerging tech like virtual and augmented reality, CES highlights the technological tapestry that defines our modern world. In my time at CES I counted at least 10 broad categories encompassing a wide and wondrous spectrum of technology on display. And of course, as one of the most prominent technology trends, AI was woven through them all, an integral part of the innovation landscape. I’ve noted some true standouts from a few categories below.



Television's historical journey at CES mirrors the broader evolution of consumer electronics and technology in general. This year brings revolution to the essential household device.

LG TV: CES 2024

  • In a mesmerizing display of technological innovation, LG stole the spotlight at CES 2024 by unveiling a transparent TV that pushes the boundaries of what we thought was possible in display technology. This design choice transforms the TV into a seamless part of the living space, blending effortlessly with its surroundings. Powered by AI, this TV comes equipped with intelligent features that enhance the user experience from content recommendations to voice recognition. And the Zero Connect technology means you can place it anywhere in a room without regard to proximity of electrical outlets.

Smart Home Technology

CES is a playground for smart home enthusiasts. A number of everyday household items are getting tech upgrades.

Freepower Countertop: CES 2024

  • Think that lovely quartz kitchen countertop mere eye candy? It may also be a high-powered charger for your devices. FreePower can be embedded into surfaces and turns a section of that surface into a wireless charging spot for Qi-enabled devices, indicated by a glowing LED border that shines through the counter.
  • Appliances taking up too much space? LG revealed a washer/dryer combo. Yes, they’ve been around since the 1950s but in much more limited capacity. This modern combo can actually handle a full load of laundry and complete it in less than 2 hours, using a regular electrical outlet and 60% less energy than traditional counterparts.
  • Can’t afford a personal chef? Samsung attempts to come to your rescue with an internal camera that can identify individual food items and make suggested recipes based on what you have in stock. It can tailor recipes to dietary preferences, including gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan, and can send cooking instructions to other smart appliances.


CES has become a premier stage where the automotive industry shows off its technological prowess, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of transportation and acting as a catalyst for shaping the future of mobility.

LG TV: CES 2024

  • The shift to sustainability is still happening. At this year’s CES, hydrogen energy didn’t allow EVs to reap all the fanfare. Hyundai highlighted its plans for using hydrogen energy, indicating that it could work toward promoting a “hydrogen society” by expanding into energy production, storage, and transportation. And FORVIA showed a rectangular hydrogen tank, literally the size and shape of an EV battery pack. That’s significant because it would fit hydrogen into smaller vehicles than is currently possible with cylindrical hydrogen tanks. This breakthrough would allow an automaker to remove the battery pack in an EV and position a hydrogen fuel tank in its place.
  • Congress has passed legislation mandating that intoxication-detection technology be in all vehicles starting by 2027. Bosch revealed an in-cabin camera to monitor the behavior of eye movements/speed while driving to detect drowsiness or impairment. Magna introduced a camera and breath-based system. Cockpit-embedded sensors, placed near the driver, measure and quantify alcohol and carbon dioxide levels when the driver exhales.
  • BMW partnered with Amazon to take a compelling step forward in voice assistance, allowing drivers to ask the vehicle questions that rely on answers from internal BMW documentation about the car. BMW’s next-generation Intelligent Personal Assistant will be supported through Alexa and will offer owners the ability to ask their vehicles questions like, “Which drive settings should I use on this twisty, winding road?” The assistant will explain things in easy-to-understand terms and even activate settings if the driver chooses. Modern vehicles are crazy complex, and this technology can eliminate distractions by simplifying how drivers interact with their vehicles.


Wearable technology has become a staple at CES, with advancements in smartwatches, fitness trackers, and even smart clothing. The evolution of wearables over the past two decades is a testament to the industry's commitment to seamlessly integrating technology into our daily lives.

Evie Ring TV: CES 2024

  • The Evie Ring by Movano Health emerged as a groundbreaking device that transcends traditional fitness trackers. This smart ring goes well beyond step-counting. Allowing the wearer to set customizable goals and addressing menstrual-cycle tracking, fertility, hormonal health, stress management, and more, the Evie Ring aims to provide a complete and personalized health-tracking experience for women. And the sleek open design accommodates hormone-related changes in finger size.
  • Offering a unique approach to enhancing athletic performance and muscle recovery, the WE-Stim gym leggings are electrically charged to make you fit. With no batteries or wires, this high-tech workout wear zaps you with electricity, speeding up muscle gain as you work out. It’s a truly shocking innovation!


CES swallowed up LA’s E3 show which closed its doors in 2019 (although a virtual iteration was held in 2021). CES has seamlessly integrated the vibrant and dynamic world of video gaming, creating a convergence of cutting-edge technology and immersive gaming experiences.

Samsung Gaming: CES 2024

  • HP gave us a first look at the Omen Transcend 14, which is the lightest 14” gaming laptop ever made. The Omen emerged as a beacon for enthusiasts seeking a portable powerhouse and it stands at the forefront of the gaming-on-the-go revolution, with a high refresh rate to ensure smooth play and no worries about battery life.
  • VR and 3D gaming without a headset? We may be getting closer with the Samsung 2D/3D Gaming Monitor, a revolutionary display that attempts to become a gateway offering an unprecedented visual journey for gamers. It has eye- and head-tracking, is compatible with existing VR games, and can also create 3D effects.


As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, CES has been at the forefront of showcasing the latest in connectivity.

LIFI: CES 2024

  • Let there be light! The strain on networks due to the proliferation of data and connected devices is a significant challenge. Rather than compete with the congestion, PhotonFi is shifting wireless connectivity to the near limitless frequencies of invisible light. “LiFi,” currently serving the military and the aerospace industry, enables the ultimate wireless connectivity experience in any application.

Innovation for All

There is a commitment within the consumer electronics industry to prioritize and celebrate diversity, accessibility, and inclusivity in the development and showcasing of innovative technologies.

Essilor Glasses: CES 2024

  • Essilor Luxottica showcased their Nuance Audio glasses. These glasses, designed to assist individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss, represent a significant advancement in merging eyewear with hearing aid technology. This innovation seeks to seriously disrupt the hearing aid market.
  • The .lumen glasses for the blind look to be a promising enhancement to mobility and independence for those with visual impairments. Using sensors, the headset can alert them via trackers, sensors, and vibrations when something is blocking their path, guiding them to change direction. Alternatively, is a self-guided handheld mobility aid that simplifies navigation. With intelligent steering, its intuitive design ensures a smooth and effortless walking experience, allowing the wearer to avoid obstacles.

CES 2024 displayed an array of revolutionary products across various categories, each pushing the boundaries of what's possible. (To see more, check out the CES Innovation awards.) As we reflect on the coolest products at CES 2024, it's evident that the future is filled with exciting possibilities, and these groundbreaking innovations are just a glimpse of what's to come.

Being at CES had me reminiscing about the decades of ideation and new product concepts I’ve explored with my colleagues and fellow consumers. I remember investigating the concept of QR codes and shopping with young females, before QR codes even had a name, and working with CTA (the producer of CES, then called CEMA) as we tested feather-weight flat screen TVs in HD, blowing those young consumers’ minds. A few years later I had the privilege of co-founding an innovation office for Hyundai, helping to develop the company’s first ever 15-year pipeline, and teasing out an eco-strategy when hybrids were just getting off the ground. And now I get to collaborate with a multitude of cross-functional teams from a host of industries as we attempt to help them do the same: represent human beings’ indomitable drive to overcome challenges and envision a brighter, more advanced future.

At Decision Analyst we partner with many of the companies who come together at CES to bring the results of their hard work to life. We thrive on fostering innovation and empowering our clients through cutting-edge methodologies. Our Imaginators™ community, a cornerstone of Decision Analyst's StrategicImpact™ approach, plays a pivotal role in driving creativity, ideation, and strategic insights. Imaginators™ is Decision Analyst’s exclusive community of highly creative individuals who rank in the top 4% of the population in terms of idea-centric creativity.

Our clients are those who represent the voice of the customer in their organizations. They are a starting point for innovation. As they stand on the brink of the unknown, their innovation process may have multiple purposes. Through the Imaginators™ we help them discover consumer pain points and barriers to be overcome along the customer journey. Through cross-disciplinary collaboration we help them devise ingenious solutions, showing off consumer problem-solving prowess. Why? Because we all have the ability to act as a catalyst for change, sparking transformative shifts for the consumers we serve. Our breakthroughs might improve their quality of life, perhaps even redefining the human experience, making life more connected, convenient, and sustainable.

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As we entered 2024, CES offered us a testament to human ingenuity. CES leaves us eagerly anticipating the tech marvels that will shape our lives in the years to come. It inspires us to play our part in helping to shape our clients’ futures. Wishing you well this year as our journey of innovation continues

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