New Product Positioning and Name Testing Among Professionals

  • New Product Positioning
    Category: Medical Devices

    Methods: New Product Development, Positioning Test, Name Testing

A global healthcare company that develops products and systems for in-home use and testing was planning a new product introduction. The new product would give patients a faster way to do in-home testing. The company wanted to determine the best product name and to identify a compelling positioning statement to use in marketing the product.

Strategic Issues

Entrance of a new product for in-home medical testing would be difficult due to both regulations and the flood of other new entrants in the same class. Therefore, input from both healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients was essential in guiding the introduction and marketing of the product. The company had several products available, and the new product would be used to supplement an existing product.

Research Objectives

Specific objectives of the study included:

  • Determining the strongest positioning statement.
  • Measuring consumer and HCP interest in the new product.
  • Evaluating names for the potential new product.
Research Design and Methods

The survey was conducted online among consumers and HCPs, including both primary care physicians and healthcare educators. Consumers were recruited from American Consumer Opinion®, Decision Analyst’s online panel of more than 7 million consumers worldwide. Physicians were recruited from the Physicians Advisory Council®, Decision Analyst’s online panel of more than 27,000 physicians and surgeons. Certified healthcare educators were recruited from the Medical Advisory Board®, Decision Analyst’s online panel of over more than 34,000 ancillary healthcare professionals.


The most popular name and positioning concept was identified and subsequently utilized for the product launch. Additionally, the company determined that consumers and HCPs see different value propositions for the product and, therefore, should receive targeted messaging based on these differing viewpoints.

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