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Steps to Building a Successful Branding Strategy
Brand Strategy is a complex subject. The right Brand Strategy leads to brands that can command higher prices, better withstand economic downturns, and tolerate higher levels of negative publicity. The right Brand Strategy makes all elements of the marketing mix work better, so that returns on advertising and marketing investments are enhanced. As a brand manager, you cannot control competitors, the economy, politics, or the weather, but you can make your brand a constant in a world of chaos and change.

The process of creating Brand Strategy involves knowing where a brand is in terms of positioning, brand image, and brand message, compared to competitive brands. Brand Strategy is not only what a brand is saying, but also what the target audience is hearing and believing. The second part of developing Brand Strategy is defining the vision for the future. Where does the brand want to go, and what does the brand want to be—in terms of positioning, stature, brand imagery, and messages?  
Creating a Brand Strategy

Qualitative Research

Brand Consulting

Brand Equity Monitor™

Qualitative Research

Great qualitative research is absolutely essential to paint a full picture of brand equity and imagery. It gives us a highly detailed understanding of brand qualities, properties, and perceptions across the competitive landscape.

Ideation can be conducted online or in-person among the target audience(s). The goal is to generate as many strategy ideas and strategy concepts as possible for your brand.
Concept Testing

The strongest and best strategy concepts are more than just technically or economically feasible; they also resonate with the consumer and stand apart from the competition. We recommend concept screening among target-audience consumers for a large number of concepts followed by monadic testing for the finalists. This process winnows down the number of concepts and provides a means to strengthen and fine-tune the better concepts.
Advertising Research

Advertising testing helps determine if the core strategy is a) correctly executed, b) understood by target consumers, and c) strong enough to move the sales needle. Creative execution can transform and amplify a core Brand Strategy.
Brand Tracking

Brand tracking is the ultimate measure of how all elements of the Brand Strategy come together in the real world of competition and chaos. The tracking results can help fine-tune the execution of a Brand’s Strategy.
Brand Equity Monitor™

Tracking results can be amplified with Brand Equity Modeling. Measures of awareness, brand knowledge, and brand imagery can be woven together to build a model that provides an overarching measure of your brand’s equity.
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