Covid-19 Pandemic-Related Stress
Wave 19

At the end of August 2021, pandemic-related stress is, once again, flaring up, and emotions are deteriorating across the U.S.

With the resurgence of COVID-19 cases, many consumers are, again, suffering from rising stress. Emotions are also suffering, having regressed back to August 2020 (Wave 10) levels in many cases. Emotions like fear and anger, along with a sense of danger and vulnerability, have surged in just the past couple of months.

Covid 19 Stress and Emotions

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Gathering Comfort Level

Comfort with visiting restaurants and bars is waning as we head into fall 2021.

With the Delta variant of the COVID-19 virus surging, consumers are pulling back on their dining-out behavior and their comfort with going to places like bars. June 2021 was a high point during the pandemic for consumer attitudes about these activities. Since that time, comfort has waned and is only slightly stronger than it was one year prior to the high (June 2020).

In looking forward, consumers are less likely to dine inside a restaurant over the coming month and will opt instead for takeout or delivery or will forego restaurants altogether.

Gathering Comfort Level

Workplace changes

Workplaces and business travel may be forever changed. At this point in the pandemic, 6 in 10 workers who have spent at least some of their time working from home are still not back in their offices. Some have boomeranged back and forth, a few are now part of a permanently remote workforce, and others are still in limbo.

Those who typically travel for business are roughly split on whether and how business travel will return when the pandemic is under control.

Workplace Changes

Holiday Planning

Holiday planning may begin in early September, but much of the shopping will wait. Consumers are roughly split on the appropriateness of initiating holiday plans at the beginning of September: just over half feel it’s acceptable to do so. However, shopping for the holiday season is most likely to start in October or November.

With every holiday season comes some number of “hot” toys. These are often in short supply but may be even more scarce in 2021 with supply-chain issues persisting. Nearly 2 in 5 holiday toy buyers say they’ve already purchased or preordered one of the season’s hot toys. Concerns about delays and cancelled orders, not to mention disappointed children, are some of the contributors to this early purchase behavior.

Holiday Planning

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Consumer Mindset Segmentation

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