Consumer Reactions to COVID-19
November 2021 (Wave 20)

Concerns about COVID-19 ebb and flow with the virus. When we first asked consumers in mid-March 2020, 6 in 10 American adults were extremely or very concerned about the COVID-19 pandemic as it began to have an impact in the United States. As time passed, the level of concern moved up and down across age groups. In October 2021, concern is still present, but down overall, and is relatively equal across age groups.

Level of Concern

Please feel free to email Bonnie Janzen or Felicia Rogers directly for additional information. Download our Covid-19 Consumer Mindset Report (Wave 17 ) Free. The Wave 20 report with the October 2021 data is current available.


Over time, pandemic-related emotions have fluctuated with the spread of the virus and changing protocols.

With the recent spread of the Delta variant, we observed expansion of several negative emotions, including anger, fear, and vulnerability. In October 2021, as Delta has retreated somewhat, emotions are once again more positive.


Recent Stress Changes

COVID-19-related stress came roaring back in August 2021 and has since subsided.

With all eyes on the Delta variant near the end of Summer 2021, many Americans were feeling more stressed about the pandemic. More than 1 in 4 people surveyed indicated they had “more stress than a month ago.” When the next wave was surveyed in October 2021, Delta had begun to recede in the U.S., and stress levels adjusted accordingly.

Recent Stress Changes

Retirement Planning

The pandemic has shown a sizable number of Americans they should be saving, or saving more, for retirement.

Among those already saving, about half feel they should be saving more, though only half of those are doing so at this time. Among people who are not saving for retirement, about half now acknowledge a need to do so.

Retirement Planning

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Emotional Health Through the Pandemic

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When COVID-19 began to capture our attention in the United States, Decision Analyst wanted to understand a number of issues Americans are facing: Who is being impacted? The report covers 20 waves, starting in March 2020 up to October 2021.

Consumer Mindset Segmentation

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The online surveys were conducted among adults aged 18+. Beginning in March 2020, a total of 20 waves have been completed among adults 18+ in the United States. Wave 1 of over 1,500 respondents. Waves 2-16 each have 500 respondents each. Waves 17-20 were completed with 1,000-1500 respondents.


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