Consumer Foresight: Beyond The Pandemic, Into Economic Uncertainty
November 2022 Edition: Household Spending and 2022 Holiday Shopping Expectations

Inflation is impacting almost 9 in 10 households and is clearly the top consumer worry.

Inflation's Impact On American Households

The vast majority of Americans say their household spending has been impacted by inflation. Food is the primary area in which people are tightening their budgets--both eating out and grocery buying.

Money Saving Behaviors and Cutbacks

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Holiday Shopping Outlook

Consumers expect spending to be down during the 2022 holiday season, compared to the 2021 season.


Holiday Retailer Mix and Gifts

Amazon, Walmart, and dollar stores will likely be the biggest winners in the Holiday 2022 shopping season.

Restaurant Reviews

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Emotional Health Through the Pandemic

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The online surveys were conducted among adults aged 18+. Beginning in March 2020, a total of 22 waves have been completed among adults 18+ in the United States. Over all the waves, more than 12,000 consumers have been surveyed. Wave 1 consisted of over 1,500 completes across two online surveys. Waves 2-16 were conducted among approximately 500 U.S. adults each. In Waves 17-23, there were at least 1,000 completed surveys among U.S. adults.


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