Consumer Reactions to Covid-19
Updated April 3, 2020

COVID-19 continues to disrupt the lives of Americans in a variety of ways. It appears that both anger and feelings of vulnerability are growing. Some are more fearful and less hopeful than they were a few short weeks ago. Consumer feelings continue to slip, with the biggest change from Wave 2 to Wave 3 being the number of people who are feeling more "angry”.

As Americans pull together to flatten the curve, we will continue monitoring attitudes and behaviors related to the coronavirus. Please feel free to email Bonnie Janzen or Felicia Rogers directly for additional information. Download our free report with the Wave 3 data (collected March 31-April 1).

Mood of Consumers for the Covid Era


The Decision Analyst Covid-19 Consumer Reaction Survey was conducted online among a nationally representative sample of U.S. adults. The sample was balanced by men versus women and controlled by age groups. Data collection dates and sample size for each wave were Wave 1: March 17-18; n=506. Wave 2: March 24-25; n=504. Wave 3: March 31-April 1; n=499.

COVID-19 is shaking up Americans' way of life: Qualitative Discussions

COVID-19 is shaking up Americans' way of life and producing a variety of questions and concerns, many of which stem from the lack of control we're currently experiencing in our lives due to the virus. Households are experiencing seismic shifts in shopping and eating habits, work situations, and schooling for kids of all ages. Although anxiety and fear are commonplace, optimism can be found as well. Typically, people are concerned for their own families, but they also exhibit empathy for those across the street and across the globe. We see that people have hope that this coronavirus will be under control relatively soon, that we will be better prepared for the future, and that we’ll all have a stronger appreciation for family and relationships going forward.

Consumer Fears Amid the Covid Crisis


The Decision Analyst Covid-19 Era Qualitative Discussion was conducted 65 U.S. adults (This was a different sample than for the Panel Pulse Survey). Discussion took place online and was conducted March 17-19, 2020.

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