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“Objective Evidence” Can Help Win the Marketer’s Case by Stan Hazen

If you’re a marketer or seller of anything—whether it’s a consumer or a B2B product or service, and whether it’s inexpensive or extremely costly—you’re often going to be dealing with potential customers who aren’t going to take your word for how great your product is. They’ll want more proof. They’ll want some type of “objective evidence.”

It’s like you’re the plaintiff in the “court of the marketplace,” and the customer is the judge. (Or if it’s a group purchase decision, they’re the jury.) For them to rule in favor of your product or service, they’re going to want to hear independent, unbiased evidence that supports your case.
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Webinar: Conjoint Case Study
Webinar: Usability Studies for Apps, Websites and other Products
Decision Analyst's next Insider Series webinar will be a case study of using Usability Research, for apps, websites, and products. The presenters will be Roger Wallace, Qualitative Analyst, and Clay Dethloff, Senior Vice President. The presentation will take about 35 minutes, and will be followed by a Q&A. This webinar will be held on Aug. 22, 2018, at 12:00 CDT.
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Market Segmentation
Segmentation Video Episode 8: Understanding the Segments
In this next Segmentation Series Video, Kathi McKenzie explains how to interpret and understand the segments. In her discussion of how to choose the segment or segments which to target, she discusses that researchers need to look for differentiation, value, actionability, and accessibility in the segment(s).
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