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Qualitative Research: The art of transforming motives and emotions into insights

Qualitative investigations entail observing, exploring, asking questions, probing, actively listening, and thinking very deeply about what it all means, symbolizes, and signifies. Qualitative research is a search for deeper meaning, underlying reasons, hidden motives, and “unknown unknowns.” It seeks to explain the “why” of human perceptions, emotions, and behaviors. At Decision Analyst we believe qualitative research is one of the most powerful tools in a researcher’s toolbox.
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Exploratory Qualitative Research
Segmentation Series: Episode 04
In this video, Clay Dethloff talks about Exploratory Qualitative Research, the process of uncovering unknown details as we prepare for a segmentation study. In this 6-minute video, Clay discusses the factors to consider in exploratory research, including in-depth and in-the-moment techniques, as well as how to apply the learning to improve the segmentation.
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7 Questions for Brand Managers
“How Do We Get A Seat At The Table?” The Research Consultant’s Dilemma
Insights professionals are in the business of saving money and helping their companies (and clients) generate revenue, so how can researchers get a seat at the proverbial table? How can we get higher-level attention and support—even create a desire—for what we’re doing? Maybe we should be looking at this question from a different angle.
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