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Why 95? The Relevance of 95% Significance Level by Elizabeth Horn, Ph.D.

In school, the use of 95% was drilled repeatedly into my head in various quantitative-oriented classes. My fellow students and I accepted that 95% was king, and that lower significance levels were to be viewed with suspicion. I wonder how many beneficial scientific insights have been discounted or flat out ignored because of adherence to 95%? And in the market research industry, what great nuggets of truth have we inadvertently missed? To its credit, market research is less rigid in its significance testing. Some companies even maintain a standard of 90%, recognizing that 95% may cause them to overlook something important.
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Machine Learning Webinar
Webinar: Machine Learning & Segmentation
This webinar is a case study that shows how Decision Analyst aided the Dallas Morning News in creating a machine learning segmentation algorithm in order to improve traffic to its website and ultimately advertising revenue. The presenters are Dustin Cannon, Dallas Morning News and John Colias, Ph.D., Decision Analyst. This webinar will be presented on February 7, 2017.
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7 Questions for Brand Managers
Seven Sets of Questions Every Brand Manager Must Answer
Brand managers live in a difficult world of constant pressure, tactical chaos, and unrelenting demands from senior executives. Amid all the frenzy, it’s easy for brand managers to overlook the critical information they need to strategically (and tactically) manage their brands. To effectively manage a brand, every brand manager should be able to answer seven sets of core questions.
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Big Qual
Large Scale Qualitative Services
Large-Scale Qualitative (Big Qual) provides reliable marketing answers quickly. These sessions of 50 to 300 participants offer speed and agility, geographically balanced samples, and good statistical reliability.
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Marketing Strategy
Stability In An Unstable (Marketing) World
It feels like marketing—especially advertising—is changing at lightning speed. Print is out, digital is in. Broadcast no, Social yes. So in a world that’s constantly, what are the keys to marketing stability? How do you stay on strategy? Here are a few thoughts on keeping your focus amid the chaos.
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