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The Importance of “Why” by Stan Hazen

Marketing is essentially about creating, communicating, and delivering products and services that have value for customers. (Hopefully at a profit.) Marketing research is about gathering, analyzing, and interpreting information to help accomplish that as effectively and successfully as possible.

In marketing, there’s almost always a need for research—a need for information to help identify or assess challenges and opportunities, or to guide decisions and actions. There’s a vast range of research tools and techniques available for gathering and analyzing needed information, including qualitative, quantitative, and advanced analytics methods. There are also all kinds of questions that might be asked.
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Media Mix Minute
Media Mix Minute Video: Episode 08
In this episode of the Media Mix Minute, John Colias, Ph.D., talks about simulation, and how simulation is used to measure the return on investment of media activity. As he mentioned in an earlier episode, media mix modeling produces an equation and that equation has inputs and outputs.
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Packing Research
Putting Your Best Face Forward by Kathi McKenzie
Packaging remains the last chance for a brand to influence consumers. With the proliferation of products, the rise of store brands, the role of online shopping, and increasingly discriminating consumers, the task of putting your “best face forward” is more difficult—and more crucial—than ever.
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Instore Shopping Research
What Are Consumers’ Current In-Store Shopping Behaviors: Playing in an Omnichannel World
In today’s world, what role do retail stores and establishments play in the consumer’s purchase journey? What are customers actually doing inside a retail store when they purchase a product or service? As a retailer, how do “brick and mortar” establishments fit into the consumer’s purchase journey, compared to online shopping?
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Innovation Definition
How Innovation and Focusing on Millennials Can Fuel Growth
We know innovation is important. Let’s say management has determined that your company needs to evaluate how Millennials currently impact your business and how they will impact your business in years to come. How can you design innovative products and services for Millennials?
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