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How Innovation and Focusing on Millennials Can Fuel Growth by Bonnie Janzen

We know innovation is important. Let’s say management has determined that your company needs to evaluate how Millennials currently impact your business and how they will impact your business in years to come. How can you design innovative products and services for Millennials?

Innovation or change, just for change’s sake, is not sufficient to drive business. In fact, changing products, processes, and strategies can actually be a detriment to your business. The trick is to keep your current customers who love you just as you are (which makes them resistant to change), while simultaneously attracting new customers.
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Media Mix Minute
Media Mix Minute Video: Episode 07
In this episode of the Media Mix Minute, John Colias, Ph.D., answers the question: What Mathematical Equations Are Used In Media Mix Modeling? To begin the discussion, we should understand that what we’re doing is building on top of the demand equation.
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Pricing Research
Pricing Research: The Good, The Bad, And The Good Enough
An oft overlooked marketing lever is product pricing. Periodically evaluating your product’s price position is a healthy practice. Pricing evaluation can be complex, so where should your company start?
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Volumetric Concept Testing
Case Study: Volumetric Concept Testing
A toy maker developed several concepts and wanted to know which one(s) to take to market. Respondents were taken through shopping exercises and asked to make purchase decisions. Several choice models were developed, measuring price and product utilities. Calibration to external sales data was applied to improve the reliability.
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In Home Product Usage testing
iHUTs (In-Home Usage Testing)
Companies committed to rigorous iHUTs and continuous product improvement can achieve product superiority over their competitors. This superiority helps build brand share, magnifies the positive effects of all marketing activities and often allows the superior product to command a premium price. What are some of the iHUT best practices?
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