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Are Your New Products Worth Their Weight In…Anything? by Felicia Rogers

How do you know if a new product will be successful? Will they buy it? Will they give positive ratings and reviews? These are the types of questions new product developers ask themselves, often because they have to answer to others who are asking (hounding) them with the same ones. So how do we tackle the critical questions that must be answered in the new product development process? Some of the more fashionable ones focus on volume (large number of ideas) and speed (generate and undertake ideas quickly). These “fail fast” approaches can sometimes result in big wins at relatively low costs. But at other times, they just result in failure. So what do we do to help ensure new products are truly worth their weight in gold?
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Media Mix Minute
Media Mix Minute Video: Episode 06
In this episode of the Media Mix Minute, John Colias, Ph.D., answers the question: What Modeling Method Should Be Used For Media Mix Modeling? To begin with, it’s very important to decompose the time-series variation, the across-time variation from the cross-sectional variation.
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Marketing Research Consulting
Uncertainty in Marketing and Research by Stan Hazen
The world of marketing is full of uncertainty—things not known, not understood, not ever tried, or not even ever imagined. If what we know in the world of marketing would fill a cup, what we don’t know would fill an ocean.
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Design Thinking Webinar
Design Thinking For The Rest Of Us
Please join us for the next webinar in the Insider Series as we explore design thinking. Design thinking is an interesting development process that’s being widely used to invent or improve new products and services. The presenter will be Felicia Rogers, EVP. This webinar is scheduled for October 11, 2017.
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Design Thinking
Design Thinking Blog by Felicia Rogers
Design Thinking is a process in which various steps are knitted together to help guide innovation in virtually any area of discipline. The process helps develop new products and services, new advertising or promotions, new package functionality or presentation, etc.
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