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Keep an Outward Focus by Clay Dethloff

Throughout history we have looked toward the horizon to see what is before us as we chart our way through the seas. We are trying to find the smoothest course, or at the very least, we are trying to avoid the hidden reefs. In business, we are now too often apt (or forced) to constantly look inward within our “ships” (or companies or organizations) and focus on the here and now, rather than what may be a ways off, out on the horizon. It is not that these internally focused efforts are unnecessary, but it is critical that our organizations continue to keep an eye looking outward in order to keep watch for paths forward, small areas of turbulence, or for gale-force storms.
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Media Mix Minute
Media Mix Minute Video: Episode 04
In this episode of the Media Mix Minute, John Colias, Ph.D., answers the question: What is Attribution Modeling? He also discusses how the word "attribution" is used in media mix modeling.
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Marketing Research Consulting
Providing More Value by Bonnie Janzen Kenoly
Whether we work in a corporate environment or an agency, we are all looking for ways to discover and provide better insights to our clients (either internal or external) so that they can excel.
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New Product/Service Development Webinar
Ignition, Lift Off. Accelerating New Product Development
Please join us for the next webinar in the Insider Series as we explore creating new products and new services. 
The Decision Analyst presenters will be Jerry W. Thomas, President/CEO, and Clay Dethloff, Senior Vice President. This webinar is scheduled for September 6, 2017.
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Universe Error
Universe Error by Jerry W. Thomas
The world is awash in data from surveys of all types. The rise of low-cost, do-it-yourself survey tools has added to the flood of survey data. All of these surveys and the data they generate (often using relatively large samples, n > 1,000) tend to create a false sense of accuracy, based on the calculated standard error.
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