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Consider Realism When Designing Choice Experiments, Especially With Small-Screen Devices by John Colias, Ph.D.

Replicating actual market decisions in a survey choice task is an important design goal. However, given that survey respondents have moved to devices with smaller screens, it has become increasingly difficult to accomplish the goal of realism. For this reason, a summary of the most important elements of realism becomes critical, so that the choice task design can focus on incorporating only these most important elements. Where space is limited, the design must be focused on what is most important to producing realistic choice model outputs.
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Media Mix Minute
Media Mix Minute Video: Episode 03
In an earlier episode, we explained that econometric modeling is the primary traditional approach used in media mix modeling. In this episode, John Colias, Ph.D., discusses the key strengths and weaknesses of econometric modeling when used in media mix modeling.
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Design Thinking
Design Thinking
Design Thinking is a process in which various steps are knitted together to help guide innovation in virtually any area of discipline. The process helps develop new products and services, new advertising or promotions, new package functionality or presentation, etc..
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Facial Action Coding Webinar
The Science of Facial Action Coding: The Wild Animal Experiment
Recently, Decision Analyst partnered with Consumer Neuroscientist A.T. Grant, Ph.D., to conduct a survey using Facial Action Coding to measure emotional responses to wild animal pictures. The goal was to see what metrics facial coding could provide and how insightful those measures could be. This webinar is scheduled for June 28, 2017.
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The Magic of Idea-Centric Creativity in New Product Development
Idea-centric creativity is only part of the magic. Relevant experience is vitally important. If the goal is to create a new soup, then we want to find soup users (including some heavy soup users) who possess idea-centric creativity. Relevant experiences magnify the power of idea-centric creativity.
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