April 2017
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On Being Frictionless by Kathi McKenzie
First, let me state that as a consumer, I’m a big fan of the frictionless customer experience. By definition, a frictionless customer experience removes the “grit” from the experience. It removes that which slows a customer down or rubs him or her the wrong way. It makes it easy and undemanding to buy from that channel. It should offer something the customer wants, provided by a company or service the customer trusts, and presented in a way that offers value.

Lately, there have been a number of articles written about whether a company should aim to be truly frictionless, or if perhaps the ability to offer the consumer a memorable experience is somehow at odds with being frictionless. In other words, does being frictionless equate to being invisible?
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Product Testing Webinar
Webinar: Product Testing In The "Real World" With IHUTs
Product testing is the surest way to improve existing products or to optimize a new product's chances of success. And it's the surest way to achieve product superiority, which can help a company dominate its product category, strengthen its brand share, magnify the positive effects of all of its marketing activities, and even command a premium price.
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Market Segmentation & Profiling Webinar
Product Testing Tips
Companies committed to rigorous product testing and continuous product improvement can achieve product superiority over their competitors. Product superiority, in turn, helps strengthen brand share, magnifies the positive effects of all marketing activities, and often allows the superior product to command a premium price relative to competitors. How can companies realize optimal value from product testing?
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Marketing Segmentation and Profiling
Media Mix Minute: Episode 01
Decision Analyst will be posting short videos on Media Mix Modeling. The videos will be hosted by John Colias, Senior Vice President of Advanced Analytics at Decision Analyst. The goal of the videos is to discuss various aspects of media & marketing mix modeling. Our first topic is 'What is media mix modeling?
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Marketing Segmentation and Profiling
We Need to Motivate Those Segments
Regardless of how segments are developed, once the segments are identified, the question becomes, ‘Now what do we do?’ What if we want to make changes to consumer behaviors and encourage specific actions? What if we wanted to be the disruptive force in the category?
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