March 2017
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Digital Data and the Future of Marketing Mix Modeling by John Colias
Over the past several decades, Marketing Mix Modeling has been an important tool to assist firms in optimizing the allocation of budget to various types of media, such as television, radio, print, outdoor, and digital. In recent years, the digital component has grown out of proportion to more traditional media channels. The growth of digital marketing has been propelled forward by the explosion of social networks, online forums, Wikis, product review sites, photo and video sharing sites, online news sites, streaming TV, and gaming. As a result, digital advertising and the use of influential messaging has grown, and marketers are considering allocating new levels of spending on digital media.
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Digital Advertising Research
Dark Energy in the Digital Age
The advertising media landscape is aglitter with new possibilities. Websites are universal. Social media is everywhere. Mobile is pervasive. Massive shifts of media dollars away from traditional media (television, radio, print) to the new digital media are evident everywhere.
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Market Segmentation & Profiling Webinar
Consumer Market Segmentation And Profiling
Segmentation research outlines target consumer segments, much like an artist sketching a portrait. Yet a pencil-drawn outline is not enough. Segmentation and profiling research that goes beyond merely outlining target groups fully explains how and why consumers make their buying decisions.
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Business Opportunities in Cuba
Potential Business Opportunities in Cuba
Now that U.S. travel restrictions have been eased, Americans are joining the mix of Canadians and Europeans who visit Cuba every year. As the country opens up what are the potential business opportunities for American Companies?
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Global Segmentation
Global Segmentation
Developing segmentation solutions that are global in scope require dealing with cross-cultural differences in scale usage. To a greater or lesser degree, respondents of different countries or cultures: tend to rate high for all questions, tend to rate low for all questions, and/or bunch responses at end points of the scale.
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