February 2017
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Mother Nature’s Strategy by Jerry W. Thomas
Planet Earth’s life in its many forms has survived and thrived over a period of at least three billion years. During this time, living organisms have survived the most incredible extremes, from worldwide warmth to bitterly cold ice ages, from heavy rainfall to extreme drought, from cosmic rays' bombardment to protective atmospheric conditions, from collisions with asteroids and comets to periods of tranquility, from earthquakes and volcanoes to changing sea levels and rising and falling mountain ranges. Somehow, through all of these monumental changes and life-threatening events, life in all its glory and beauty has flourished. Might life (or nature or the natural world) have some lessons to teach us about strategy?
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Global Segmentation
The Curse of the Target Market by Felicia Rogers
How many times have you been in the midst of a new product development (NPD) effort when the conversation turned to the target market? I’m convinced that for some in corporate America the lens is focused so intensely on the target market that the product idea itself gets pushed into the periphery.
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Concept Testing
Segmentation Re-Analysis Case Study
A major U.S. restaurant chain derived substantial added value from its market segmentation study by commissioning Decision Analyst to re-analyze the segmentation data and conduct additional analyses.
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Woth a Thousand Words
Sales Forecasting Webinar For Durable Goods
Estimating the Sales Potential for Durable Goods. After covering these basic research methods, the webinar will discuss of different ways to forecast new durable goods sales, such as; simulated test marketing, choice modeling, agent-based modeling, and forecasting simulators.
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Woth a Thousand Words
Point of Presence Research Case Study
A client was introducing digital display kiosks in its stores nationwide. Prior to rolling out the digital fixtures, management wanted to test the overall impact of the screen content, as well as the effectiveness and operations of display orientation, sound, and interactivity.
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