January 2017
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For Marketing Success, Keep Asking Questions by Stan Hazen
Curiosity is one of the most powerful forces in the world, and asking questions is one of our most powerful tools. Asking questions is critical for virtually all learning and understanding. For all improvement and growth. For innovation. For identifying and solving problems. For evaluating options and making decisions. For prioritizing attention and resources. Having a curious, questioning, analytical mind can be extremely valuable in all areas of life and in all types of work, but it can be especially important in marketing. Because to succeed in a competitive marketplace, you have to be constantly thinking, observing, listening, asking questions, and gathering information. You have to be continually improving your products as well as your marketing strategy and tactics.
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Global Segmentation
The Curse of the Target Market by Felicia Rogers
How many times have you been in the midst of a new product development (NPD) effort when the conversation turned to the target market? I’m convinced that for some in corporate America the lens is focused so intensely on the target market that the product idea itself gets pushed into the periphery.
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Concept Testing
Concept Testing (And The “Uniqueness” Paradox)
A well-designed, new product concept testing system, overseen by experienced and knowledgeable researchers, can vastly improve a company’s ability to develop successful new products or services. The purpose of this article is to suggest some guidelines and best practices to improve new product concept testing.
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Woth a Thousand Words
What Is the Future of Tracking Research?
For several decades, tracking studies have been a mainstay among consumer insights departments for business monitoring and decision-making. Many years ago they were conducted by telephone, but given the decline in telephone response rates, tracking studies were moved online and conducted with members of consumer panels.
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Woth a Thousand Words
Strategic Marketing Tracking
If the perceptions, attitudes, and behavior of the ultimate consumer are monitored over time, we will know if the cumulative force of all marketing activities is influencing the ultimate consumer. If we track consistently, it is possible to monitor the effects of specific marketing programs as they are introduced.
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