December 2016
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Clean and Pure Sampling by Jerry W. Thomas
The arrival of online data collection and the rise of online panels in the late 1990s ushered in the “Wild Wild West” of sampling practices. Decision Analyst started its first online panels in late 1995 and progressively added new panels thereafter, including international and B2B online panels. Here are the systems and practices that Decision Analyst employs in its pursuit of “clean and pure” online samples.
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Global Segmentation
Global Segmentation – Dealing with Cross-Cultural Differences in Survey Rating Scale Usage
Given cross-cultural differences in scale usage, marketing research analysts frequently develop ways to adjust survey responses so that a particular survey’s response value means the same thing regardless of country of origin.
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Global Tracking Study
Case Study: A Hair-Raising Global Tracking Study
In this case study, an global innovator of beauty products wanted to better understand hair care needs among women in four countries. Research was conducted to help the company develop targeted marketing, enhance product offerings, and understand targets for new products.
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Woth a Thousand Words
E-commerce. The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread by Bonnie Kenoly
Evolution of e-commerce continues. There is more shopping on smartphones and tablets than on desktop computers. Consumers want authentic and consistent branding, which matches their expectations outside of the online shopping experience. And yet they demand more!
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Woth a Thousand Words
Sales Forecasting—Estimating the Sales Potential for Durable Goods
This Webinar will focus on basic concepts of sales forecasting for new durable goods, but some of the techniques can be applied to forecasting sales of new services. The webinar is scheduled for January 18, 2017.
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